Our New Online Customer Training Portal is Here!

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In a collaborative effort to help your company develop a detailed and consistent training program for your overwrap equipment, we’ve launched a new online customer training portal that will help you with operational and preventive maintenance tips for your machinery.

The online training portal will initially cover the NextGen500E Overwrapping Stretch Shrink Wrapper, and related End Seal Shrink/Hot Water Shrink Tunnel – which are part of the NextGen500E line. Other Ossid machinery and equipment is expected to be added to the online training portal in the coming months.

The online training portal includes several instructional aids and tools, such as video tutorials, PowerPoint presentations and other teaching instruments to guide your team through basic operational procedures and light maintenance practices. The portal will cover repair procedures for replacing consumable parts, such as belts, springs, rubber seals and others. Sectional topics include: New Product Setup; Cleaning & Sanitation; Safety and others. Online training is self-paced and requires just an internet connection; portal includes quizzes at the end of each section to assess knowledge.

The new online customer training portal is free to Ossid customers. Simply register by completing the form below.

Sign up to gain access to the training portalPlease allow 1 business day to receive access code information and login instructions. 

This system lives online, so it’s accessible anywhere internet is available from phone, tablet, or computer.

Why was this portal developed?

Our customers expressed a desire for an online training program that could be used to provide instruction for new employees, as well as serve as a review for existing staff. We began creating the online training portal in 2019. 

It’s important to note that the online training portal is not a replacement for your Ossid in-person tech service visits. These visits are still available and recommended at regular intervals, please contact us to schedule your appointments. 

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